Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar at Disney Springs

Jock Lindsey’s, an Indiana Jones-themed bar, is now my favorite bar at Walt Disney World and this is why.

You can’t beat the viewโ€”watch a sunset from the open deck as water taxis and 1960s amphibious cars ferry guests back and forth over the bay.

Vintage-inspired cocktails hit the spotโ€”The Bitter Barkeep shakes together Barsol Quebranta Pisco (Peruvian brandy), Simple Syrup, and fresh Lime Juice with fluffy egg whites perfect for a languid sip-and-relax kind of late afternoon.

The excellent Good Datesโ€”sweet dates stuffed with a smooth, tangy goat cheese and toasted spiced almonds sprinkled with pickled veggies. Honestly, these took me the rest of the way to my happy place. The fresh-baked Air Pirate’s Pretzels are also decent and served with house-made mustard and beer-cheese fondue.

Story-telling every where you lookโ€”from them moment when you walk through the hangar doors to when you discover Jock Lindsey’s flight path with Indy through the menu as you browse for a cocktail. If you’re lucky enough to find a seat inside, there will likely be aviation antiques above you and hidden Indiana Jones references around you.

Reservations are not possible, which keeps the crowd fluid. Plus, live music is likely to set up at the stage near the restaurant on any given night, weather-permitting.

For layover to the rest of my night at Disney Springs, Jock Lindsey’s hits the spot just fine.

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar