Big Wheel Provisions at Central Florida Blogger Conference

Big Wheel Provisions helped set the food truck bar in Orlando in terms of keeping menus fresh and local. They brought the yum during the Central Florida Blogger Conference this year with several interesting plates that included a cilantro curry dip, crispy artichokes, and house smoked pimentón — oh my!

The Griddled Chicken Thigh Skewers were paired with an interesting Big Wheel Curry Dip with Cilantro, and since Adam wasn’t there to order the dish featuring one of his favorite herbs, I couldn’t go home without at least trying a bit of the chicken. The chicken itself was juicy, well-seasoned with a strong savory touch. The cilantro sauce was creamier than I expected, and whatever made the sauce creamy overwhelmed the cilantro. Maybe the cilantro was meant as more of a light garnish rather than cornerstone of the sauce. The dip did cut through the flavor of the chicken similar to the way that Ranch dressing cuts through the strong flavor of hot wings.


Now, I’m a self-proclaimed potato fiend and love to add spicy sauces to anything from pizza to steak, but I could not finish my House Smoked Pimentón Seasoned Fries with Local Cherry Crema. The spice created a dry, permeating heat that would only get hotter with every bite. I loved the thinly cut spuds and the generous portion size, but I had to silently admit to myself, “¡Ya no mas!” Then, the spice would dissolve from my tongue as I took bites chicken skewer and artichokes and I kept eating the fries. Miraculously, a whole passel of fries were left for Adam — a bigger spice fan than I could ever be — to devour. The lasting impression here was too-spicy-for-me-but-I-can’t-get-enough kind. I think I would have bathed my fries in the cherry crema to stave off more of the heat.


The highlight of my lunch was the heaping plate of Crispy Baby Artichokes with White Truffle Oil, Parmigiano, Chili Flake Lemon Zest. The leaves had a nice salty crunch on the front end, and the outer edges were lightly charred in a satisfying way. I slowly peeled away the outer leaves, relished them, and was greeted by a juicy center permeated with a vinegary, lemon tang. There were a few bits of chili here and there, but the periodic sparks of heat only added to the experience. Plus, I was completely infatuated with the delicate Parmigiano grated on top of this dish.


I would order the chicken skewers, possibly with the curry dip on the side, and artichokes again, but I won’t miss the pimentón seasoned fries. The best part of Big Wheel Provisions? There’s so much variety on their menu at every location, sprinkled with a few rotating fan favorites, that anyone would have a hard time ever walking away hungry.

T: (407) 494-4297

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5 Replies to “Big Wheel Provisions at Central Florida Blogger Conference”

  1. Mmmm that lunch!!! Big Wheel knows how to satisfy, that’s for sure.

  2. Marilyn Torres says:

    @Katherina_D So true! I’m always like to see what exciting new things @BigWheelTruck has on their menu — there are different items every time. 🙂

  3. Rachel Joyce says:

    I’ve been a Big Wheel Devotee since it was just Tony and his friends holding down the Audubon Park Farmers Market outside of Stardust Coffee. His food and flavors have only gotten better. Those artichokes to. die. for. So proud of Tony for leading the local, whole, sustainable, gourmet-to-go food culture flourishing in Central Florida. Also, love this blog design forkul. Cheers!

  4. Marilyn Torres says:

    .@RachelJaee Big Wheel Devotee is an awesome name for BWP fans! I’ve been hooked ever since Big Wheel when was located downtown beside Independent Bar. Actually, I have remind myself to eat at other food trucks once in a while because I graviate to Big Wheel more often than any other truck! I’m glad you dig Forkful — thank you! The yummy food and positive comment vibes keep me going. 😀

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