Quick Bite: Braised Fish at Teriyaki House

Teriyaki House may look like a typical American Chinese take-out place, and they do serve all the American staples, but the real draw is the Taiwanese food. Remember to take notice of the photo menus displayed in the store front windows and at the ordering counter; neither menu was in English. The non-English menus always make me feel a little adventurous — I like to just point and order something knew. Adam took a little more innovative approach by snapping photos of the menu items outside he wanted to try with his cell phone and then ordering them at the counter. Our friends Kathleen (The Seasonal Vegetarian) and Mike also took a similar approach.

I was lured by the delish Appetizer Combo again, which included a hard-boiled egg, tripe, bean curd, tofu, pickled veggies, and sweet sausage all topped with fresh scallions. The combo was as filling and delicious as I remember. I try to have a small bit of pickled veggies with every bite to balance the spicy crush red pepper sauce and piquant sausage. My tripe craving was satiated, but I the star on my plate was the Braised Fish, which is now at the top of my entrée recommendations list. The generous white fish fillet was tender with a light, crispy outside — my favorite! The fish also included a mini cup of Five-Spice Powder, which was salty and smokey buried among other spices. Sure, I sometimes order generic American Chinese take-out, but when I’m in the mood for something more authentic, my take-out order goes to Teriyaki House.

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T: (321) 281-8088