Teriyaki House serves fabulous Taiwanese!

At first blush, Teriyaki House looks like an American Chinese take-out restaurant. I mean, there’s large yellow letters plastered multiple times in the windows that read “Chinese Take-Out”. The restaurant even has an American menu at the register that lists all the typical take-out fare. If it weren’t for Chi W.’s Yelp review, Adam and I wouldn’t have known how to order the Taiwanese dishes. The Taiwanese food is pictured near the register without English captions, so Adam and I ordered Chi W.’s recommended dishes:

Pork Chop Combo
Salt and Pepper Fried Boneless Chicken
Appetizer Combo
Fried Tofu 

The restaurant is as small as other take-out places, and there was no seating available when Adam and I placed our order, so we opted for carry-out. The pork chop combo was battered and fried but surprisingly sweet. I’m thinking the bed of possibly sautéed or pickled veggies and cabbage may have contributed to the flavor. Otherwise, the pork chop had a light flavor on its own made better by the crushed red pepper sauce included with the appetizer combo and fried tofu. Bites of the veggies and cabbage with the pork chop came together for a nice flavor.

The salt and pepper chicken was one of my favorites! The chicken was super crunchy and fantastic savory flavor on the bed of greens. Another one of my favorite dishes of the night was the appetizer combo, which was grouping of bean curd, sliced tofu, slightly sweet sausage, stomach, and more greens with a ginger garnish. The stomach seemed sautéed and was a little bland on its own, but a touch of the red pepper sauce upped the ante. The restaurant owner wasn’t all-together sure Adam and I wanted the appetizer combo, and pointed to the stomach in a photo several times just to clarify that we had just ordered stomach.

The fried tofu, on the other hand, was super crispy and firm but a little bland. The cabbage and pepper sauce were a necessity with each bite of tofu. The cabbage was hot with what could have been a little vinegar for extra zing.

Adam and I will definitely be going back to the Teriyaki House, and we won’t forget to point to the non-English menus for a few more delicious surprises. The elderly couple who own and run Teriyaki House are friendly and patient, and our orders were finished super quick. Check out our picks of the night below, and let me know about a few of your Teriyaki House favorites!

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T: (321) 281-8088

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  1. […] Teriyaki House may look like a typical American Chinese take-out place, and they do serve all the American staples, but the real draw is the Taiwanese food. Remember to take notice of the photo menus displayed in the store front windows and at the ordering counter; neither menu was in English. The non-English menus always make me feel a little adventurous — I like to just point and order something knew. Adam took a little more innovative approach by snapping photos of the menu items outside he wanted to try with his cell phone and then ordering them at the counter. Our friends Kathleen (The Seasonal Vegetarian) and Mike also took a similar approach. […]

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