Sit ‘n Stay Pet Cafe Debut in Thornton Park

Sit ‘n Stay Pet Cafe recently debuted in Thornton Park offering free samples of their all-natural doggie treats like Sliders and Jamaican Beef Patties. The items are elegantly simple — they’re made with all-natural ingredients so dog owners can be sure their dog is safe from preservatives. Sit ‘n Stay definitely has me looking forward to bring my furry sidekick to more food truck pods.

Adam and I took Lily to Food Trucks to the Rescue in Avalon Park several months ago, and I realized there wasn’t much we could feed Lily while we enjoyed our bulgogi pork tacos and soft serve. Mobile Deli put out a bowl of dog cookies on their counter, but that was the only doggie food option. I’ve taken Lily to a few food truck pods since then, and I sometimes humor her with a few fresh-made potato chips whenever I order a burger from The Crooked Spoon. Lily loves the crunch of contraband human food, but she seemed to like Sit ‘n Stay Pet Cafe’s Sliders, Jamaican Beef Patties, and Homegrown Dog Bones just as much! She was more picky about the Maple Bacon Pup-Sicle.

The Sliders looked like actual little burgers, and were layered with local beef, organic flour, and mustard. There was also a little cheese and carob powder with sesame seeds on top. Every time I reached for the little plastic container of the Sliders and Dog Bones at home, Lily jumped to attention and dashed over to sit at my feet.

The Jamaican Beef Patties were also made with wholesome ingredients like humanely raised beef, barley flour, beef broth, and thyme. The Sliders and Patties both smelled yummy to me, so no wonder Lily went crazy over them. Lily only ate a little of the Maple-Bacon Pup-Sicle after it softened. Then, she unsurprisingly started digging out a few of the little strips of turkey bacon.

Central Florida has a solid selection of places to buy healthy puppy treats, but so far only Sit ‘n Stay Pet Cafe will make dog-friendly treats available at food truck pods and bazaars. While the pup-sicle wasn’t a huge hit with Lily, other dogs at the Sit ‘n Stay debut couldn’t help but lick their plates clean. Most of the free samples from the debut came home with Lily and me, but next time I will remember to refrigerate the leftovers to extend their life a little bit. I’ll keep my ears open on Sit ‘n Stay’s future locations, so Lily can look forward to a few more Sliders and Patties.

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7 Replies to “Sit ‘n Stay Pet Cafe Debut in Thornton Park”

  1. Kudos to these two women! Not only did they successfully identify a need, but they stepped in to meet it. Wonderful entrepreneurial spirit.Next time I have to go to Orlando with my best buddy in tow, I will seek out and visit Sit ‘n Stay.

  2. Marilyn Torres says:

    @Bkhuna @SitnStayPetCafe Wonderful! I remember Lauren and Kathy mentioning that there are only three specialized gourmet canine treat food trucks in the United States, so I’m glad to have one of the few in Orlando. 😀

  3. So proud of Lauren – this was a great idea start to finish, and she truly knows what’s best for pets. She’s been my go-to for kitty-care for about 4 years now, actually. Keeping pets healthy and loved, like the family members they are, is not just a hobby – it’s her LIFESTYLE.

  4. What a great concept and team effort (by family)! So happy this is taking off for them. Does anyone know how much dog food their pets (and “THEMSELVES”) have eaten’?! That’s dedication to caring (find that with other companies)! Keep it up! 🙂

  5. Marilyn Torres says:

    Ali and Curt, I’m so glad to see people succeed that put the well-being of animals first when it comes to their products. It’s just a shame that big box stores can’t stock the shelves with more all-natural treats. Sit ‘n Stay definitely fufills a need here in Orlando.

  6. How did you find out where Sit n Stay Pet cafe would be? I’ve been looking on their website and various social media outlets but can’t find a list of their locations or events they will be at so I can try them out.

  7. Marilyn Torres says:

    Kerri, the easiest way to track down @SitnStayPetCafe is through Twitter. I believe there’s a charity dog wash coming soon where they’ll be open. Tweet at them for more information. 🙂

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