Miss Elaine’s at Lake Lily Farmers’ Market

Somehow, I almost forgot that triumphant sense of waking up early enough on a Sunday morning for a farmers’ market. Sure, it was an hour and a half before the end of the market that day, but I was determined. (My idea of early on a weekend doesn’t really jive with the norm.)

The farmers’ vegetable tables were almost bare, so Adam and I eyed the food tables for an unconventional brunch. Each time we walked by Miss Elaine’s The Flava of Jamaica twice, more red “Sold Out” signs were pasted over menu items. We chose the tried and true buying-and-sharing strategy for the Jerk Beef Brisket over Coconut Rice and Spicy Jamaican Curry Chicken over Coconut Rice.

The beef brisket was so, so tender. There was no need for anything more than a deft fork to eat these bits of meat candy. The spicy red sauce gave the meat an extra kick but the green onions and rice cooled the situation. The coconut rice didn’t have much more flavor than plain white rice, but it was a welcome palate cleanser for the spice. I’m unsure if the guava wood added a few light or sweet notes to the brisket, but still, a winning combination. The rice-to-brisket ratio favored the rice, so next time I’ll go for the brisket sandwich. The chicken curry had a nice even, spice throughout the sauce and juicy chicken. The sauce was satisfyingly creamy and plentiful — there wasn’t a chicken piece or rice grain that wasn’t devoured on that plate. A crowd of ibis (I love collective nouns for groups of animals!) was ready to swoop in and help us with anything we may have missed.

Miss Elaine’s also treated us to samples of their fabulous Port Royal Rummm Raisin — the official ice cream of Jamaican, I’m told — and Mo Bay Chocklit Tea ice creams. The rum raisin is made with real Jamaican rum, which would have made for a super-fun rest of the afternoon in a full sundae! Next time, there will be sundaes.

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Phone: (407) 864-4413

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  1. That looks friggin’ awesome!

    1. Thank you so much! Lake Lily is my favorite park in Central Florida in terms of atmosphere and variety of events. Lake Eola does things on a bigger scale, but Lake Lily feels a bit more homey. 🙂

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