Mama Nems’ Soul Food

Mama Nem’s was packed with diners and had a 45 minute wait for seating on a Thursday evening! One of the hostesses pointed my boyfriend, a friend, and I in the direction and mentioned that we could get dinner to-go immediately. I was already famished and seduced by the savory aromas wafting around, so I made a beeline for the to-go parlor. 

The to-go section is in a separate, smaller room with its own outside entrance. The food is set up behind a contoured glass counter deli-style and is replenished as fast as it flies off the serving trays! Some of the mainstay meals, like the fried catfish, are made to order, so the counter attendants are constantly bringing out piping hot orders from the kitchen for to-go patrons.

I ordered a mainstay pot roast dinner, which included three sides. My sides were the friend okra, potato salad, and rice with red kidney beans. Before this pot roast dinner, I had never had a dish that tasted so close to my mother’s stew from a restaurant before! The fried okra was crunchy yet tender in the middle, and the potato salad was slightly sweet with a nice chunky consistency. 

For dessert, I nibbled on my red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and then just had to dive into the rest. This cake is moist, rich, and scrumptious! Mama Nem’s definitely has one of the best red velvet cakes I’ve ever had rivaling sweet shops like Dessert Lady and Party Flavors Custom Cakes, who also has a heaven-on-earth red velvet cake truffles. 

Mama Nem’s is not for the faint of heart or shy of appetite! This is rich, savory soul food in every way, so I would suggest going with a huge appetite and turn a blind eye to calories, cholesterol, et al. I’ll revisit Mama Nem’s sparingly, but I’ll definitely revisit.

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T: (407) 253-7744

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