Food Truck Café at Lake Lily Park on May 10, 2011

Lake Lily Park is where Adam took me on one of our first dates together years ago. The picturesque lake is surrounded by old trees and framed by tons of flowers and lily pads. There’s also a weekly farmers’ market on Sunday mornings. On Tuesdays, there’s a weekly food truck pod.

There were some familiar trucks at this pod, and there was also one new truck for me, Mr. Softee Ice Cream Truck. Droolius, Eat Local Orlando, Chad of Café Scientifique, and tons of other foodies came out to support the trucks and enjoy some live music beside the lake. This time I visited The Crooked Spoon for their popular macaroni and cheese, which was sold out during last week’s Firestone food truck pod. The cheese was white and creamy with some delicious additions like fresh basil and tomatoes. The dish was topped with toasty bread crumbs, and the portion size was enough for me to share with Adam at home. I’m slowly learning what my foodtruck favorites are, and The Crooked Spoon’s mac and cheese is on that list.

I then rotated back to Big Wheel Provisions to try their bread pudding with Nutella and sel gris, which was a course grey salt. The bread pudding was thick, partly spongey, and covered with a generous amount of Nutella spread and a sprinkle of sel gris. This bread pudding was more bread than pudding; the consistency was not as smooth as I expected. I also ordered their pork belly sandwich, which was served on a thick roll with fresh locally grown greens. This was actually the first time I’d eaten pork belly, so I didn’t know it would be a little on the greasy side, but the sandwich was delicious. The pork belly was slightly blackened and lightly seasoned, so the whole sandwich took on that fabulous flavor.

There were tons of things I didn’t get a chance to try this pod – Big Wheel Provisions’ molasses and brown sugar fries and The Crooked Spoon’s latest specialty burger of the week – but next time I hope Adam can join me so we can stay a little longer and share some more food truck delights.

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